Minecraft Dungeons goes underwater for Hidden Depths DLC

Minecraft Dungeons is heading under the sea for its latest DLC, exploring the Hidden Depths.


To this point, Minecraft Dungeons has managed to keep its head above water. That's changing with the game's next batch of DLC. For this round, Mojang and Double Eleven are heading under the sea and exploring the Hidden Depths.

Minecraft Dungeons: Hidden Depths will be a first for the Minecraft-based dungeon crawler. It will take players into underwater biomes for the first time, where they'll go in search of a shard from the Orb of Dominance. The artifact has been causing trouble in the seas, so players will have to dive deep to mix it up with new mobs and collect some underwater treasures. The Raid Captains are one of these new mobs and they'll introduce a formidable challenge, so make sure you're geared up and ready for this encounter.

What's especially interesting about the Hidden Depths DLC is that it follows the development team's aspirations dating all the way back to E3 2019, where they indicated that they hoped to keep Minecraft Dungeons' biomes and features as close to on par with the original Minecraft as possible. While the team isn't quite up there yet, an underwater biome takes Minecraft Dungeons more in the direction of Minecraft's Update Aquatic. They're certainly getting closer!

On top of the paid DLC, the free update is up and running now. This free patch has its own features for players, including new Enchantments, new achievements, and the aforementioned Raid Captains. You can learn more about the free update by checking out the most recent patch notes.

Minecraft Dungeons' Hidden Depths DLC is live now on all platforms. Remember that cross-platform play is now available.

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