Dead by Daylight's Resident Evil chapter will feature A.I. enemies for the first time

Nemesis won't be operating on its own in Dead by Daylight's Resident Evil chapter. A.I.-controlled zombies will also bring a unique threat.


When it comes to Resident Evil, iconic enemies like Mr. X and Nemesis definitely provide some of the intense moments of the game, but you can’t count out the ever-present threat of the fodder: the zombies. With Dead by Daylight getting a Resident Evil chapter, iconic characters will join the roster as killers and survivors, but that ever-present threat is being adapted too. Zombies will also be coming to Dead by Daylight as its first ever A.I.-controlled enemy.

Behaviour Interactive revealed this unique factor of the Resident Evil chapter for Dead by Daylight during its 5th Anniversary livestream on May 25, 2021. Where we saw Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy revealed as survivors, Nemesis revealed as a killer, and the Raccoon City Police Station revealed as a new map in the Resident Evil Chapter content, we also got to learn about a very unique aspect of play coming with Nemesis. Not only will survivors have to dodge the hulking monster and its hand tentacle, but when Nemesis is in play, zombies will also be scattered across the map.

Zombies will be controlled by the game’s A.I. and they will attack unwary survivors who get too close, biting and infecting them with the T-Virus. The virus will cause survivors to cough and vomit as they move about, giving their location away. The only way to cure this issue is to find a T-Virus vaccine, available in very limited quantities throughout the map. Add to this the fact that Nemesis itself can also infect survivors and you’ll be forced to keep eyes over your shoulders for incoming zombies while struggling to keep the virus at bay. This new gameplay element is unique to Nemesis and should make for a very interesting and on-brand threat.

The Dead by Daylight Resident Evil chapter isn’t far off either with a launch date in June. Stay tuned as we close in on the release of the new Resident Evil content, as well as further Dead by Daylight goods coming in its 6th year of live.

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