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How do I import a friend's Mii character? - Miitopia

If you're playing Miitopia, you might want a friend's Mii character as part of your cast. We'll explain how to add them.


Miitopia players with a lot of Mii characters on the Nintendo Switch will likely be able to fill a lot of the casting slots in their adventure. However, what if you want to put a friend's Mii character into your game? Shacknews is here to help you do just that.

How do I import a friend's Mii character? - Miitopia

From the main menu, select "Mii characters." This is where you can edit your own Mii characters, but it's also where you can import a friend's Mii. However, if you want a friend's Mii, you're going to need some help on their end, too.

Press X on the Mii characters menu to edit your Sharing Settings. If you select "Share with friends," you'll automatically share your Mii characters with people on your Nintendo Switch Friends List who are playing Miitopia. Therefore, if you want a specific friend's Mii, you're going to need them to select these settings.

There's another way to share Miis and it's through an "Access key." Access keys can only be accessed when your Sharing Settings are set to "Share with all." This is where players can share their Mii characters with anyone, even those who aren't on their Nintendo Switch Friends List. This is an option that's more suited for public figures, Twitch/YouTube streamers with big communities, and the like.

When you meet characters in Miitopia over the course of the game, you'll have the opportunity to assign Mii characters to them. You'll want to have your friend's Miis at the ready. Rather than wait, maybe just import those Miis from the main menu. If you're absolutely on the spot and don't have friend Miis available, you'll have to use either default or "Popular" Mii selections.

Now you're ready to venture into Miitopia with your friends! If you're interested in trying a sample of Miitopia, be sure to download the free demo. The full version of the game releases at retail and on the Nintendo eShop on Friday, May 21.

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