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Can I play with existing Miis? - Miitopia

Miitopia is centered around Miis. Let's see if it's possible to bring your own into the game.


Miitopia is taking players on an adventure. It's not just any adventure, though. It's an adventure that stars Mii avatars. While Mii avatars are still used in a small number of Switch games, they aren't as prominent as they were back in the Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS days. That may lead some to ask whether they can use their own Mii characters in Miitopia. Let's answer that question today.

Can I play with existing Miis? - Miitopia

As was the case with the original Nintendo 3DS version of Miitopia, players can jump into the Nintendo Switch version with their own Mii characters. Any Mii character housed on the Nintendo Switch system can be imported to play any one of various Miitopia roles, whether it's the hero, the villainous Dark Lord, or any one of many NPC characters.

While it's possible to create and edit Mii characters from within the Nintendo Switch's System Settings menu, Miitopia offers something a little extra in the form of extra outfits, wigs, and makeup. All of that can be applied to your existing Miis and the Miis of any of your friends. Miitopia has options in place to import a friend's Mii character, in case it isn't already on your system.

Because the Miitopia demo contains the first part of the main game with save progress that can be carried over, anybody can get a taste of what the game's Mii editor looks like by simply downloading that demo. Simply import your own Mii through the opening menus and follow the prompts. Your Mii will be seamlessly integrated into Miitopia's overarching storyline.

The adventure is about to begin in Miitopia for Nintendo Switch. Take your Mii along for the ride or design a new one from scratch. We'll have more to say about Miitopia in the days ahead, so be sure to follow Shacknews for the latest updates. If you're interested in trying it out, be sure to download the free demo. The full version of the game comes to retailers and the Nintendo eShop on Friday, May 21.

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