Hitman 3's next Seven Deadly Sins DLC is centered on Pride & launching this May

There's still quite a lot of deadly sins for Agent 47 to work his way through in Hitman 3's DLC series and Pride is up next this May.


The Seven Deadly Sins DLC series for Hitman 3 promises to deliver seven pieces of content featuring Escalation missions, outfits, gear, and other fun themed content. Greed kicked off our adventures in this DLC series, but there are still plenty of sins to go and IO Interactive pulled back the veil on the next one we’ll be exploring. Get ready to put Pride on the line as the next chapter of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC launches next week.

IO Interactive revealed the Pride chapter of Hitman 3’s Seven Deadly Sins DLC in a trailer on the Hitman YouTube channel on May 5, 2021. Teased just recently, the latest reveal for the Seven Deadly Sins took us inside another facet of Agent 47’s mind, exploring his pride as an assassin. With it comes a new Escalation set in Hitman 3’s Chongqing area, as well as the opportunity to get a fancy pride-themed suit, sniper rifle, and sword. The Pride chapter of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC will launch on May 10, 2021 on all available platforms.

This Pride chapter marks the second of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC series for Hitman 3, the first of which started with Greed at the end of March. A single chapter of the DLC series will run you $4.99, but you can also get a season pass that gives you access to the available chapters and the new ones as they launch for $29.99. Each will contain its own bit of gear, cosmetics, and an Escalation mission themed around whatever sin it is. These are seem to be exploring different dark corners of the normally calm and stoic Agent 47. We’re quite interesting to see where sins like Wrath, Lust, and Gluttony fit into our favorite assassin’s being.

With the Seven Deadly Sins Pride chapter coming to Hitman 3 next week, stay tuned for a new round of updates for the game. We’ll have those patch notes here at Shacknews as soon as they become available.

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