Where to find the Well Wheel - Resident Evil Village

Start getting things out of wells by grabbing the Well Wheel in Resident Evil Village.


Right at the start of Resident Evil Village are a whole lot of wells. Reaching whatever is hidden in these is going to require a special tool, which is where the Well Wheel comes in. Don’t hold your breath though, because this well tool is a little bit further into the game than you might think.

Well Wheel location

The Well Wheel is found inside an old building between East Old Town and West Old Town. The building in question is locked behind the Iron Insignia Key, which is found tucked away inside Castle Dimitrescu. You will need to fight through the castle completely and return to the Village area later to claim the well tool.

resident evil village well wheel
resident evil village well tool location

When you do have the Iron Insignia Key, work your way through the blocked off streets until you reach the gate. Unlock the gate using the key and then enter the building on your right. Search the left-side of the building to find the Well Wheel sitting on top of some barrels. It can be easy to miss this tool as it’s a non-essential item, that is to say, you don’t need it to finish the story.

resident evil village well wheel iron insignia key

After you collect the Well Wheel, you’ll be able to go around to all the wells you’ve discovered so far and bring up their contents. Some of them have ammo, others have things like the Wooden Animal parts, and some grant you access to underground caves that have treasure to sell.

While you’re off looking for more wells, you should also take the time to unlock the M1911 handgun. This gun is more efficient than the LEMI as it’s able to fire automatically. No more slow shots as the beasts stagger all over the place.

The Well Wheel is one item that can be missed rather easily. But with random wells dotted around, and it startlingly obvious you need some kind of winch or tool, you’ll no doubt be glad if you go out of your way to grab it. You’ll also be glad if you check out the Shacknews Resident Evil Village page, as it’s there you’ll find a wealth of other helpful item location guides.

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