Where to find the M1911 handgun - Resident Evil Village

Track down the M1911 handgun location in Resident Evil Village and replace the basic gun you got at the start of the game.


The M1911 is an automatic handgun that will eventually replace the LEMI in Resident Evil Village. Before you can enjoy some automatic firepower, you will first need to find the M1911, which is rather simple as it’s close to the beginning of the game.

M1911 handgun location

resident evil village m1911 handgun
resident evil village m1911 handgun location

The M1911 handgun in found inside a locked container in the Workshop area of the Village. This location is to the south of the Fallow Plot. To find the gun, you will need to break the padlock on the white gate that has the red “DO NOT ENTER” sign handing on it.

resident evil village do not enter workshop area

Once you break the lock and gain access to this Workshop location, enter the building on your left. In the back of the building will be a container locked with a combination padlock. There is a photograph that tells you to look outside, which is your hint for the code. Look out the window and line up the digits until you have your six digit code.

resident evil village workshop code

The Workshop safe code is 070408. Inside you will find the M1911 handgun and the crank to lift the car using the carjack. With the M1911 handgun, you can likely stop using the LEMI, unless you prefer how it handles. You can also visit the Duke for a variety of M1911 attachments and upgrades, which will improve its recoil. There’s also a High-Capacity Magazine to find in the Moreau area.

Once you’ve found the M1911 handgun, make sure you don’t miss out on finding the W870 TAC shotgun. This will likely replace the normal M1897 shotgun you found at the start of the game. There are other weapons to find as you delve deeper, so make sure you’re constantly search (or reading our guides) for where to find them.

With the M1911 handgun in your pocket, you should have an easier time at quickly putting down the lycans and other monsters that attack you. Trek on over to the Shacknews Resident Evil Village page for a wealth of other guides, including weapon and collectible locations.

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