Where to find the M1897 shotgun - Resident Evil Village

Find and upgrade the M1897 shotgun in Resident Evil Village so you can put down those lycan beasts with ease.


Taking down the many monsters and enemies in Resident Evil Village is tough work, which is where the M1897 shotgun comes in. This shotgun packs a punch, allowing you to blow through some of the weaker enemies with ease while also ensuring you’re no pushover to the larger beasts. Before you start blasting, you’ll need to actually find the M1897 shotgun, and then maybe upgrade it.

M1897 shotgun – Resident Evil Village

resident evil village m1897 shotgun
resident evil village m1897

The M1897 shotgun is found shortly after arriving in the village portion of Resident Evil Village. It’s found in a house in the west of an area called East Old Town. After you get the bolt cutters, go through the red gate and over the wooden bridge. There will be an open door in front of you. Go inside and search the house until there’s a commotion and you hear something on the radio.

Go back outside and turn left to go through the fence that’s been broken down. At the end of the path will be a breakable box with two lycans on the roof. Continue forward, go up the stairs and into the house. The shotgun will be on the kitchen dining table.

Now that you’ve got the M1897 shotgun, you can purchase upgrades for it from the Duke. Make sure you know how to get more Lei so you can actually afford the necessary upgrades. There’s only one attachment for the shotgun, and that increases its rate of fire. Other than that, you can actually purchase upgrades that improve other stats without the need of finding or buying attachments. This is true of the other weapons too, like the M1911 handgun or the M1851 Wolfsbane magnum.

After finding the M1897 shotgun and buying any shotgun upgrades, you’ll be ready to tackle almost everything Resident Evil Village throws at you. Make sure to stop by the Shacknews Resident Evil Village page for more tips to help you survive!

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