How to earn medals in Guardian Games - Destiny 2

Start filling your Medal Case with medals by earning a whole lot of them during Guardian Games in Destiny 2.


Guardian Games gives players a chance to fight for their favorite class in Destiny 2. How players do this is by collecting and depositing medals of varying quality into the Guardian Games podium. For players looking to represent their class as best as possible, knowing how to earn medals in Guardian Games is going to be critical to success.

How to earn Medals

To earn medals in Guardian Games, players will need to complete various activities across Destiny 2. These activities include completing in the Daily Focus playlist, finishing bounties, earning Triumphs, and doing Contender Cards. Check out the Guardian Games 2021 Triumphs guide for a complete list.

destiny 2 guardian games medals
Medals can be earned by participating in playlist activites, completing Contender Cards, and finishing Triumphs.

You can earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum medals during Guardian Games by completing the following activities:

  • Bronze medals: Complete Strikes, Crucible or Gambit matches
  • Silver medals: Complete Nightfalls, Survival or Trials matches
  • Gold medals: Complete Strike, Crucible or Gambit Contender Cards
  • Platinum medals: Complete Trials or Nightfall Contender Cards

Basically, the best way to earn medals in Guardian Games is to always be picking up new Contender Cards. These unlock after you complete the Guardian Games 2021 quest, The Games Begin. Each Contender Card costs a few hundred Laurels, so make sure you’re actively trying to earn those as you play.

Each medal you earn is housed in the Medal Case. This is a quest item found in the Quest tab that is given to you by Eva Levante. The Medal Case can only hold a certain number of medals of each quality. Once the maximum is reached, any additional medals you earn will be lost. To prevent this from happening, visit the Guardian Games podium in the Tower and deposit your medals as your case fills up – then get back out and earn more!

Every medal you deposit into the podium is worth a certain amount of points. The importance of this is that by earning 25 points you will receive a Pinnacle reward. This is great for those still chasing the new max Power.

Earning medals during Guardian Games in Destiny 2 is vital to representing your class and hopefully seeing them win. Make sure you deposit your medals when your Medal Case is full so you don’t lose any you earn. Take some time to read over the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for even more helpful content.

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