Death Stranding's PC port made over $27 million in 2020

According to a recently released financial report by 505 Games parent company Digital Bros, PC players really liked making deliveries and connecting America.


The folks at Kojima Productions have said before that Death Stranding did quite well - good enough in fact to bankroll their next project. However, the specifics of that have never been revealed. Well, recently, we got somewhat of an idea of how well Death Stranding did, at least as far as PC goes. 505 Games parent company Digital Bros recently shared a financial report of the previous year and it shares just how substantial the PC port of Death Stranding was for the company.

Digital Bros shared its first half year 2020/2021 financial report fairly recently on its investor relations website. The report shares a wealth of information about games like Control, Ghostrunner, and Death Stranding, published by 505 Games under the Digital Bros umbrella. Death Stranding in particular was of note. Despite launching late in 2020 in July on PC, it put up 23 million Euros in sales for 505 and Digital Bros. That translates roughly to around $27 million USD.

The PC port of Death Stranding featured graphical upgrades like DLSS and RTX to visually boost it over its original PS4 launch.
The PC port of Death Stranding featured graphical upgrades like DLSS and RTX to visually boost it over its original PS4 launch.

Death Stranding’s performance can be attributed to the fact that it was a much anticipated game on PC. As Hideo Kojima’s freshman effort under the newly independent Kojima Productions, Death Stranding did well on PS4 and came to PC in a port under the publication of 505 Games. Our hands-on preview of Death Stranding on PC highly praised the quality of the port, not only in its translation over from the PS4 console, but also DLSS and raytracing upgrades to boost the quality of the game even further.

Even back in May 2020, Kojima Productions shared that Death Stranding was already profitable enough to fund the studio’s next project. Moreover, we’ve heard teases and rumors that whatever Kojima is working on next could be revealed “quite soon.”

No doubt the success of Death Stranding on PC has contributed to Kojima Productions' ongoing efforts. Likely, it also bodes well for the future of Kojima Productions games on PC. Stay tuned as we await further details on what’s coming next from the studio.

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