Street Fighter 5 Spring Update: Oro, Rose, Akira, and everything you missed

There was a lot packed into Tuesday's Street Fighter 5 Spring Update presentation and Shacknews is here with the full recap.


Street Fighter V: Champion Edition may be in its sixth year, but Capcom appears to have a lot on the agenda for its aging fighter. More characters are still on the way, including a few who are closer to release than one might have expected. On Tuesday, Director Takayuki Nakayama and Producer Shuhei Matsumoto took to Capcom's livestreaming channels to offer an update on the future of Street Fighter V. There's a lot to cover, so if you missed the stream, here's everything covered:

Street Fighter 5 Spring Update

  • The stream started with a fresh look at Oro, the returning hermit from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. He will return with his original set of moves, along with some new moves, combos, abilities, and a turtle that he carries with him throughout the fight. His double jump is back, as is his penchant for multi-hit combos. His new special, called Tsuranekeashi, feeds into that idea, allowing Oro to perform multiple kicks.
  • Oro's V-Skill I is Onibi, a smaller version of his Yagyou Dama projectile from 3rd Strike, which has a longer start-up time, but can take out opposing projectiles and still apply pressure. His V-Skill II is called Minomushi, which is a leaping spinning attack.
  • Oro's V-Trigger I is Manrikitan (Kishinriki), which is a powerful command grab that can be used on the ground or in mid-air. His V-Trigger II is Tengu Stone, which surrounds Oro with random junk items. The junk will float around him and add multiple hits to any combo.
  • Moving to esports, the Capcom Pro Tour will return in 2021. For this year, expect 32 events across 19 territories. The first tournament will kick off on April 17.
  • A new Capcom Pro Tour season also means a new Capcom Pro Tour Premier Pass. The 2021 iteration will include the new Ring of Galaxy stage, new costumes for G and Seth, a mystery outfit, five exclusive titles, new colors for all 45 characters, two new fighter profile themes, and an extra 10,000 Fight Money.
  • DJ Zedd appeared next to reveal a new collaboration for Street Fighter apparel. This includes some designs based on elements of the vintage fighters from the 90s. You can check out Zedd's website for more.
  • After an initial reveal during the Street Fighter V Winter Update livestream, Nakayama and Matsumoto had more to say about Rose, specifically her V-Skills. V-Skill I is Soul Fortune, which calls upon one of four different tarot cards. White and red cards buff Rose's V-Gauge and strength, respectively. Green and purple cards are projectiles that debuff opponents on contact. Rose's V-Gauge will indicate which tarot cards are active. Her V-Skill II is the returning Soul Stellite from Street Fighter IV, which can be used for protection or for extending combos.
  • Rose's V-Trigger I is a teleport, which lets her move across the screen. It can be canceled with special moves and performed in mid-air. Her V-Trigger II is the returning Soul Illusion from Street Fighter Alpha, which lets her attack with mirror images of herself.
  • New outfits were shown for Vega (trench coat), Seth (vest and purple pants), and Juri (nurse), which will release alongside Rose.
  • Lastly, Nakayama and Matsumoto showed off the first footage of Akira, the cameo character from long-dormant Capcom series Rival Schools, showing off some of her early moves and combos. More on Akira is promised for the next Street Fighter V livestream.
  • As the livestream's "one more thing," viewers were treated to an early look at Akira's Critical Art, in which her brother, Daigo, joined in for a sibling beatdown.

There's no release date for Oro or Akira. However, there is one for Rose. She'll be available on Monday, April 19 for anyone with the Season V Premium Pass. As for the next livestream update, Capcom isn't saying, so stay tuned to Shacknews for the latest.

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