Fire Commander trailer reveals X-COM style firefighting gameplay

Rescue people, put out fires, and save the day in this strategic firefighting game.


There aren’t enough games about fighting fires these days and Fire Commander looks to change that. Announced during the Future Games Show, Fire Commander looks to tackle firefighting through the strategy genre. Check out the hottest trailer below!

The trailer kicks off by laying the groundwork for understanding about how hot things can actually get in a fire. First, there’s the temperature of the human body, then the temperature that is classified as “painful”. Before long, we’re learning about the heat it takes to set a piece of paper alight and then how hot a house fire becomes – and that’s where you, the player, come in.

fire commander

The gameplay revealed in the Fire Commander trailer looks to be that of the strategy genre, similar to that of X-COM. The video shows various firefighters, abilities, as well as two vehicles, an ambulance and firetruck, on the side. Judging by the video, it appears that players will have set objectives to complete during each mission. Between the missions, players will need to take care of their team, which includes sending members to training courses, developing various skills, and keeping their mental wellbeing in check.

It’s certainly exciting to see the strategy genre expand into areas that aren’t just pure combat. While the likes of X-COM and Wasteland 3 have refined the genre, players have come to know what to expect from strategy games. It will be interesting to see how each mission or level keeps things fresh. Perhaps this will be a learning experience for players with some real-life lessons to be learned.

Though Fire Commander doesn’t have a release date just yet, it can be added to wishlists across all available platforms. Speaking of which, Fire Commander is set to burn it up on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Make sure to take a moment to look over the Shacknews 2021 video game release date calendar for a complete list of games releasing this year.

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