Undertale on Xbox reportedly has an unsettling new easter egg

A player seemingly discovered that if their controller disconnected at a certain part of the game, a very curious and disturbing message appeared.


The beloved 2015 indie RPG Undertale has come to Xbox Game Pass, and with it, many Xbox players are re-exploring it while some are learning just how delightfully charming and creepy Undertale can be for the first time. Much of Undertale’s quirks are hidden behind all sorts of unique situations and digging that you’d either have to be very determined or very lucky to see. With that in mind, one of those seemingly unique situations seems to have appeared newly on the Xbox version of Undertale, and it’s a creepy easter egg to say the least.

Spoiler warning! The details in the following story contains spoilers from late in Undertale’s story. If that bothers you, be cautious about reading further.

The most recent alleged Undertale easter egg was shared recently on the Undertale subreddit by user MorsaRika, regarding the recent Xbox launch of the game. At a certain very late stage of Undertale, you eventually make your way to an underground laboratory which reveals a lot of the mysteries and truths of the game. It’s a very unsettling place already, but MorsaRika discovered that if your Xbox controller disconnects, the following message appears:

“No Controller Connected

No head is connected.

No body is connected.

No arms are connected.

No legs are connected.

No skin is connected.

No ears are connected.

No face is connected.”

Simply put? Terrifying, but also very appropriate to the area in which this supposed easter egg appears. If you didn’t know what you were looking for, you might never see it, and very likely, it’s something you’d only stumble across by chance, but that’s a part of what has continued to make Undertale appealing to fans.

Having launched on Nintendo Switch back in 2018 and just recently having come to Xbox via the Game Pass in March 2021, it’s absolutely delightful to see that Undertale still has a few secrets up its sleeve. It will be interesting to see if there are more things like this. Nonetheless, if you like a good RPG and haven’t tried Undertale before, be sure to pick it up on Xbox Game Pass for the low cost of free.

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