Undertale brings its quirky brand of role-playing to Switch with a special edition

If you haven't played the game yet, rectify that now.


Undertale is coming to Nintendo Switch, and you'd better go ahead and snap up you pre-order if you're interested in giving it a try. The collector's edition, which features a wide variety of cool Undertale-related items, is available now via Fangamer, with shipments heading out at some point in September. Unfortunately there still isn't a concrete release date for when we can expect the game.

The good news is, the Switch version will feature the same collection of items just like the PlayStation 4 version did, with a physical copy of the game, a heart-shaped music box locket with the inscription "Best Friends Forever" inside that's also 14k gold-plated, a story booklet, a soundtrack, sheet music, and a nice box to keep it all in.

If you're not interested in all the bells and whistles, you can always pick up the regular version of the game, which comes with a 24-page story booklet. These will be available via Fangamer, or you can look for it at 1000 Best Buy stores, which probably means "Not you, Brittany, because you live in Kentucky and your Best Buy locations never get anything."

We've known that Undertale was making its way to the Switch since earlier this year, but unfortunately despite the fact that the heartfelt RPG is coming to Switch and shipping soon with collector's editions, we're still in the dark about when we can get our hands on it. If you haven't played it yet, you should seriously consider fixing that, though. How many more consoles does it need to be available on before you do the right thing?

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