Super Mario Maker 2's final Ninji Speedrun tests your Cape mastery

The end of the road has come for the Super Mario Maker 2 Ninji Speedruns and Nintendo has saved its most devious course for last.


Even the most seasoned of Mario veterans have an Achilles heel. Ask a long-time Mario player or even a Mario speedunner about their biggest weakness. More often than not, they'll respond with "flying with Cape Mario." As wonderful a Mario power as it was, actually flying with it wasn't always easy. In fact, it was often quite painful. Well, for Super Mario Maker 2's final Ninji Speedrun, Nintendo would like to see how well you can fly with Cape Mario.

As revealed on the Nintendo of America Twitter account, the name of the course of "Cape Mario Master." As the name implies, it's a Super Mario World-themed course that tests players' skills with the Cape Feather. In order to complete the course, players must first collect 100 coins. In order to complete the course quickly, players will need to exercise their expert flight skils. That means using all of Cape Mario's various abilities, like the glide, the twirl, and the ground pound. On top of that, they must put those skills to work while also making sure to maintain their momentum.

Cape Mario Master is the 20th Ninji Speedrun and it will also be the last one to grace Super Mario Maker 2. The Ninji Speedruns were first introduced with the game's 2.0 update, offering special limited-time challenges that would task players with completing all-new Nintendo-created stages as quickly as possible. Previous Ninji Speedruns offered cosmetic rewards and even a commemorative coin. The prize for this final outing has not been revealed, but Nintendo is promising to make this swansong feel special.

Super Mario Maker 2's final Ninji Speedrun will begin on Wednesday, April 14, and run for two weeks. More information is forthcoming, so stay tuned.

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