Super Mario Maker 2 Ver. 2 update introduces Link this week

Super Mario Maker 2 is getting an update in the next few days and it's inviting The Legend of Zelda's own Hero of Time to the party.


The holiday weekend is over and that means it's back to work. And Nintendo literally wasted zero time in getting back to the grind. As the clock struck midnight on the west coast in the United States, Nintendo's UK branch released details on Super Mario Maker 2's next big update. That update isn't far away, either. It's set to arrive this Thursday!

The next Super Mario Maker 2 update is set to introduce a number of new course elements. Here's a quick overview of what to expect:

  • Spike: This is Mario's foe who lobs a big spiky ball at him if he gets too close. Spike can be used as usual, but he can also be used to help trigger some cool puzzle ideas.
  • Pokey: The prickly cactus will be available in all modes, giving Mario something a little taller to avoid. Pokey also moves around in a wavey pattern in Night Mode.
  • Frozen Coin: Coins can be encased in ice and thawed with any number of fire tools.
  • P Block: The P Switch can now create entire lines of unbreakable blocks that last as long as the switch does. Once the switch turns off, the blocks go away.
  • Dash Block: Exclusive to the Super Mario 3D World style, this gives Mario super speed and lets him get greater jump distance.
  • Master Sword: Wait, what game is this again? Yes, the bane of evil is now available in the Super Mario Bros. game style. The Master Sword will transform Mario into Link, but unlike the original Amiibo Link from the first Mario Maker, players can now use his tool set. That means his sword, shield, arrows, and bombs are now fair game.
  • Ninji Speedruns: Nintendo will upload exclusive stages and challenge the player base to clear them as quick as possible. But act fast, because these stages are only avaliable for a limited time. There are cosmetics in it for you if you manage to complete these courses.

There's no word from Nintendo's American branch on the new Super Mario Maker 2 update, but one would expect that players will wake up on Monday morning for the official word. According to Nintendo UK, Super Mario Maker 2's next update will arrive this Thursday, December 5. For now, visit Nintendo UK for more information.

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