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Ford F-150 RLE coming to Rocket League later this February

If you happen to be a Ford truck person, then there is a good chance this might be all you drive when it comes to Rocket League's Item Shop later this month.


Rocket League has pulled off some pretty great crossovers for its competitive automotive soccer premise, not the least of which have included Ghostbusters and the NFL just recently. That said, its next crossover will be bringing one of the most iconic vehicles in the automotive industry to its roster. If you fancy yourself a Ford fanatic, you might want to keep an eye on the Item Shop later this February when the Ford F-150 truck comes as a purchasable vehicle body.

Psyonix announced its latest upcoming crossover with Ford and the F-150 RLE edition with a press release and video on the Rocket League YouTube channel on February 10, 2021. From February 20 to February 28, Rocket League players will be able to find the Ford F-150 RLE vehicle body in the Item Shop for purchase at a price of 1500 Credits. The vehicle will feature the iconic body of Ford’s flagship pickup truck and will be customizable with all your other gathered Garage customizations to your heart’s content (they went with kiwi wheels, so whatever floats your boat).

Rocket League has had some pretty big crossover events in recent months alone. There was a big Ghostbusters event full of vehicles, toppers, and other cool cosmetics based on the popular ghost-hunting franchise from Halloween 2020 through most of the season – one of multiple times Psyonix has teamed up with that particular franchise. Meanwhile, kicking off this year was a big NFL crossover in honor of Super Bowl 55, which featured team decals, other cosmetics, and even an American football-styled game mode to go with it.

Even so, the Ford F-150 is maybe one of the most recognizable pickup trucks in the world. Like them or not, it’s definitely interesting to see such a staple of the automotive industry come to the Rocket League garage. If you want to pick up the Ford F-150 RLE vehicle body, be sure to watch for it when it launches in the Rocket League Item Shop on February 20.

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