Anthem's future (or lack thereof) is in the hands of an EA executive meeting this week

The overhaul and developmental future of BioWare's futuristic multiplayer looter shooter is apparently on the line in an executive meeting at Electronic Arts this week.


If you read the headline and thought, “Anthem still has a future?”, you might not be alone in that thought. But it’s apparently officially up for judgement before the end of this week. A full overhaul was planned for BioWare to make Anthem the game players might actually want, but reports suggest that a meeting of EA executives happening this week could determine the final fate of ongoing development for the game.

Word of the meeting to decide Anthem’s fate came up recently, as reported by Bloomberg. We’d heard of BioWare preparing to fix the game as late as July of 2020 in various blogs, but writer of those blog posts and Anthem Executive Producer Christian Dailey has since left the Anthem team to focus on Dragon Age as former GM Casey Hudson & Dragon Age producer Mark Darrah left Bioware last December. With this in mind, anonymous sources within EA revealed that an executive meeting at EA this week will review Anthem and decide whether or not to expand staff for the project or abandon it.

Anthem has had no lack of trouble and, at best, lukewarm response since its initial launch in 2019 where it earned a hard five in its Shacknews review for being mostly dull, grindy, and all-around uninteresting. Since then BioWare has dedicated quite a few resources into pushing the game past its rough launch, including the aforementioned announcement of an overhaul.

However, BioWare also has other irons in the fire which EA may prioritize with this upcoming meeting. There’s the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to look forward to this year, as well as Dragon Age 4 and rumors of an all-new Mass Effect coming sometime in the future.

With all of this in mind, it will be interesting to see if EA decides Anthem is still worth salvaging. That said, with so many other opportunities on the horizon, perhaps it might be best if Electronic Arts and BioWare do like most of us and move on.

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