Resident Evil 4 remake developer change could lead to major shift in direction

Capcom Division 1 is allegedly taking over development of the Resident Evil 4 remake from original developer M-Two's lead with a soft reboot in direction.


For a pretty long time now, and given the success of Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, a similar full-fledged remake of Resident Evil 4 has not only been expected, but hotly anticipated. As one of the most defining games of the entire series and arguably one of the most beloved of the bunch, this feels like the one Capcom has been working its way towards little by little. Unfortunately, it’s seemingly slipped a bit further out of reach for the time being with reports that primary development on Resident Evil 4 remake has changed hands with direction shifting as well in a “soft reboot.”

These reports come out of VideoGameChronicle, which has been closely following details on Resident Evil 4 remake’s development for some time. According to VGC, sources have claimed original development studio M-Two’s role in the Resident Evil 4 remake has been “significantly reduced” as Capcom Division 1 (usually the primary developer of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry games), steps in to take over with a new direction for the game.

The soft reboot that comes with the shift from M-Two to Capcom Division 1 taking over development is part of Capcom's desire to set the remake apart from the original game.
The soft reboot of Resident Evil 4 remake that comes with the shift from M-Two to Capcom Division 1 taking over development is part of Capcom's desire to set the remake apart from the original game.

Sources further told VGC that despite a rumored target of 2022 for the Resident Evil 4 remake, issues came out of M-Two’s priority to keep RE4 remake’s content completely true to the original. This, in of itself, was spurred by backlash over removed sections from the original Resident Evil 3 in its remake. While many (even here at Shacknews) would argue that some of the content shift of RE3make was good, M-Two went in with a desire to keep RE4’s remake an updated version of the original, something that Capcom was against.

Reportedly, Capcom wants to see more of a unique approach, not wholly unconfined the original game’s details and sequence of events. Henceforth, Capcom Division 1 has apparently been shifted into developmental control of Resident Evil 4 remake. Unfortunately, this seems to mean a soft reboot of the game is underway that will likely push it back to 2023.

As players have both argued for reverence to source content, as well as praising the opportunities re-explored and revamped in the Resident Evil remakes, it will be interesting to see how this affects the Resident Evil 4 remake. As the game has not been formally announced yet, we doubt we’ll see the fruits of this effort anytime soon. That's likely especially true considering Resident Evil Village is Capcom's major priority right now. Nonetheless, stay tuned as we follow this story for further details and information as it becomes available.

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