Uncharted movie release date pushed back to February 2022

Nathan Drake can find any treasure on the planet, but seems to have a lot of trouble finding a movie theater, as the Uncharted movie's been delayed again.


After over a decade in development (and in some ways, over a decade in development hell), the Uncharted movie looks like it's finally going to come out. It's even in production right now! No, really! There are cameras and actors and everything! Of course, it wouldn't be the Uncharted movie if there wasn't yet another snag on the road to release. On Thursday, Sony announced that the movie based on Nathan Drake's video game exploits is being delayed yet again, this time to February 11, 2022.

The news comes as several blockbuster movies are shifted out of early 2021 and beyond due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. The other cinematic casualties include 007: No Time to Die being moved to October 8, 2021; Ghostbusters: Afeterlife shifting to November 11, 2021; and Sony's Cinderella moving to July 16, 2021. Did you know Sony's making a Cinderella movie? Neither did I, so we're all learning something today. If you want details on what's coming to theaters when, Deadline has the latest.

As for Uncharted, there was actually hope that the finish line on a release was nearing. After being in production since 2008, there appeared to be a December 2020 release in sight. Of course, losing six directors tends to gunk up the works, so that didn't happen. But a photo of star Tom Holland on set looked to indicate that maybe Uncharted wasn't so far away after all. Unfortunately, it doesn't looks like it'll see theaters for another 13 months... we think.

We've followed the Uncharted movie's journey so far, so we may as well see this through to the end. Shacknews will continue following the development of the Uncharted movie and will report back with the latest. See you all at the movies in February. (Again, we think.)

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