The Uncharted movie just lost its sixth director

Six directors deep, and not one has stuck so far – perhaps the folks behind the Uncharted movie should take this as a sign.


It looks like that Uncharted movie we've been talking about for some time isn't having very good luck in terms of the whole "being made" department.

According to Deadline, the movie has now officially lost its sixth consecutive director, which is pretty crazy. Travis Knight is the latest to depart the project, after being named the successor for Dan Tractenberg, who ended up quitting in August.

So the movie has officially gone through (in chronological order) David O. Russell, Neil Burger, Seth Gordon, Shawn Levy, Dan Tractenberg, and Travis Knight. Who's lucky number seven? That's yet to be seen. But what's confusing about the whole thing is why all of these directors are dropping like flies. It doesn't make sense.

There's still the matter of the cast that's involved, and those are some big names: Tom Holland, for one. Yes, the very same Tom Holland that brought us our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, who's meant to play a young Drake. Meanwhile, Marky Mark Wahlberg is set to play Drake's older sidekick Sully. But now, it certainly seems like the movie's destined for development hell. 

It's possible the effort and cash could simply go toward a different game instead – maybe one that isn't already 100 percent like a movie? Let's get creative, people. Think about it. The Uncharted movie may or may not happen at this point. Who knows? Hit me up for some awesome other options. 

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