Apex Legends Holo-Day Bash 2020 event brings back Winter Express mode & more

Winter Express will have squads fighting over the train again, and Loba and Revenant are getting fresh Legendary holiday skins.


In 2019 as Apex Legends crossed its first holiday season, the folks at Respawn put out the first winter-themed Holo-Day Bash event with a slew of new Legendary skins and a limited-time event to commemorate the occasion. A year later, the Holo-Day Bash Event is returning in 2020, and with it returns the Winter Express game mode and a fresh batch of frosty new Legendary skins for Revenant and Loba players to enjoy.

Respawn Entertainment announced the return of the Holo-Day Bash event for 2020 with a new trailer on the Apex Legends YouTube channel on November 24, 2020. Beginning on December 1, 2020, some of the noticeably featured new content includes fresh new Legendary skins, such as the frosty Crystalline Perfection Loba and her curmudgeonly foe, Frost Ancient Revenant. Crypto, Bloodhound, and Season 7’s new Legend Horizon also get new skins. On the weapon side, there are a couple toys getting decked out in new, festive wrappings this year with the Natural Fusion L-Star and the Frozen Fury Spitfire Legendary skins. You can catch all of the new content in action in the trailer just below.

The skins aren’t the only fun to be had in the Holo-Day Bash 2020 event. The limited-time Winter Express game mode also returns. In case you missed it from last year’s Holo-Day Bash, Winter Express has squads scrambling to get on the train that runs around the World’s Edge map. You have to get points as a squad by killing off all other squads or keeping them off the train long enough to secure it. You also have predetermined loadouts per Legend. First squad to three points of securing the train wins. This time around, Respawn Hover Tanks will also figure into the equation, sending defeated squads back into battle.

Apex Legends Holo-Day Bash 2020 event isn’t far off with the December 1 start even and will last through January 4, so if you’re looking to get your battle royale holiday festivities on, then get ready to drop into the even when it starts next week.

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