Apex Legends adds Horizon and heads to Olympus for Season 7

Take to the skies for Apex Legends: Season 7, as new legend Horizon leads the charge onto the floating island of Olympus.


Apex Legends has kept close to the ground to this point. For Season 7, Respawn is looking to the skies. Subtitled "Ascension," Apex Legends is introducing a new skybound map called Olympus and is bringing out a new legend to lead the way. Meet the black hole survivor Horizon.

Horizon (a.k.a. Dr. Mary Somers) is a figure from the past, having been hired to solve an energy crisis. She thought the answers were contained within a black hole, but an act of treachery left her trapped inside the singularity and she was thought to be dead. But it turns out she was still very much alive and able to return to Apex's present day, 87 years later. There will be more to say about Horizon in the days ahead, as players wait to learn her specific abilities.

The other big addition to Season 7 is a new map called Olympus, a massive island floating in the skies. The layout is expected to be similar to Apex's other playable areas, but don't take a wrong step. It's a long way down and there's nothing to break your fall. Look for more information on Olympus, as well as the new Trident vessel soon. Likewise, expect information on Clubs, a new community feature for Apex Legends that can help players find others just like them for group sessions and the like, over the next few days.

Apex Legends' Season 7 will be the first one that Steam users can jump in. Sadly, Nintendo Switch owners won't be able to make this journey, as their version of Respawn's battle royale shooter was temporarily delayed. Remember that if you get Apex Legends on Steam, you can pick up some Valve-exclusive gun charms.

Apex Legends: Season 7 - Ascension will begin on Wednesday, November 7. For more information, check out the Apex Legends website.

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