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Doom Eternal will be digital-only on Nintendo Switch

Those hoping to pick up a physical copy of Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch are out of luck.


Nintendo Switch players have been waiting since March for Doom Eternal to arrive on their platform and it seems like there’s a hiccup on its journey. While players were anticipating a physical release, it has recently been announced that Doom Eternal would have a digital-only release on Nintendo’s hit console-handheld hybrid.

Reported on by IGN on November 20, 2020, a Bethesda spokesperson revealed that Doom Eternal would receive a digital-only release on Nintendo Switch. This reversal on the decision for a physical release has seen pre-orders cancelled by brick and mortal retailers. As is the norm, affected consumers will be receiving a refund.

There’s still no actual release date for Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch, although the spokesperson did say it is “on track for an imminent digital-only release”. How imminent this actually is remains to be seen, as 2020 hasn’t exactly been the smoothest ride for developers looking to release their games in a timely manner. Though, we’re likely all hoping to see it hit the system before the end of the year.

doom eternal digital-only Nintendo Switch
Doom Eternal's physical release appears to have been scrapped on Nintendo Switch and will now be digital-only.

Because Doom Eternal will only be available as a digital download, now might be the perfect time to ensure there is enough space for it to install on your Nintendo Switch. And, wouldn’t you know it, Black Friday is coming up, giving you the best opportunity to pick up some extra storage. Check out the Shacknews Black Friday 2020 Nintendo Switch deals for some great discounts.

While it might be disappointing for some that there will be no physical release of Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch, at least it hasn’t been cancelled. As you spend the next while waiting for its “imminent release”, why not check out Josh Hawkin’s Doom Eternal review and then spend some time looking over the Doom Eternal page so you’re ready to find all those secrets.

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