How to start Stormzy's 'Fall On My Enemies' mission - Watch Dogs: Legion

Learn how to start the 'Fall On My Enemies' mission featuring Stormzy in Watch Dogs: Legion.


One of the most iconic announcements that Ubisoft made about Watch Dogs: Legion, and something that many have been looking for, is the appearance of popular British rapper, Stormzy. Featuring his own mission, and a hit song to go along with the game, many players have found themselves trying to figure out how to start the “Fall On My Enemies” mission in Watch Dogs: Legion. Search no more. Here’s what you need to know.

How to start Stormzy’s “Fall On My Enemies” mission

To get Fall On My Enemies started, players are going to need to progress through the game until after they reach and complete the 404 chapter. After you complete this chapter, a new character named Nowt will appear at Dedsec’s safehouse, allowing you to take on various side quests as they become available.

How to start Stormzy's missions
Talk to Nowt in this corner of the Dedsec hideout to recieve the Stormzy mission.

Unfortunately, Nowt has more than a few side quests that can pop at any time throughout your playthrough, which means you’re going to need to just keep playing until she has an exclamation point over her head, and offers up the Fall On My Enemies mission.

The mission, which tasks players with helping Stormzy get his new song out to the masses, is a fun one, and you can actually check out the music video—which was made completely in Watch Dogs: Legion’s game engine—via the embed in this article. It’s a really cool crossover, and one that Stormzy fans will no doubt appreciate.

Now that you know how to start the Fall On My Enemies mission, you can head back over to our Watch Dogs: Legion guide for more in-depth content and guides, like our article on all the Watch Dogs: Legion controls, or even our breakdown of how to get new recruits, something that you’ll be doing quite a bit in this third-person action-adventure game.

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