Star Wars Squadrons celebrates The Mandalorian with free DLC

Star Wars Squadrons is getting some cosmetic DLC for hit show The Mandalorian. And it's free, because this is the way.


Star Wars fans are anxiously awaiting the next season of The Mandalorian, which is set to kick off on Disney+ this Friday, October 30. The folks at EA and Motive are excited for this, too, and they're ready to celebrate with a special DLC drop for the recently-released Star Wars Squadrons. On Monday, EA announced The Mandalorian DLC would be ready to pick up later this week, just in time to resume Mando's journey.

Star Wars Squadrons' Mandalorian Supply Drop will include eight new cosmetic items. This includes one Hanging Flair, Dashboard Flair, Hologram, and Decal for both Imperial and New Republic starfighters. New Republic pilots can now see the Child hanging on their dashboard as they fly into battle, while Imperial pilots can see the visage of IG-11 and practically hear it tell them "I must self-destruct."

Remember that there are no microtransactions in Star Wars Squadrons, so any cosmetics included in this week's The Mandalorian DLC will be available free of charge. For those on the fence on whether to pick this game up, let's read some of our review:

In recent times, I have lamented the dearth of AA video games. Fifteen or more years ago, games of this scope were ubiquitous and some of the best experiences you could have in gaming. Against its super-budget, monstrously ambitious peers, Star Wars: Squadrons manages to stand out by not trying to be larger than life. Simultaneously a franchise cash-in and love letter to the classic LucasArts PC space combat games of the 1990s, Squadrons sticks to its mission and comes out the other side of a warp-speed jump successfully. Pummeling a star destroyer against the Wild Berry Skittles-esque backdrop of Yavin Prime doesn’t require my undivided attention or multiple scans of my credit card. Seems like a fair deal to me. 8/10 burning embers of Alderaan

Star Wars Squadrons' The Mandalorian DLC will release Wednesday, October 28, two days before The Mandalorian's second season begins on Disney+. For more, you can check out the Star Wars Squadrons website.

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