Take a Bugsnax personality quiz to see what Grumpus you'd be

There's a Bugsnax personality test out there, endorsed by Young Horses themselves, in case you didn't already know which Grumpus you would be.


Some questions are just important. They help you decide where you’re going in life and what you want to be, or maybe what you’ll make of yourself. These kind of questions can have impact that last through the ages. That said, many of those questions pale in comparison to the ones we’re talking about in this article. Career? Meh. Hobbies? Whatever. No, this is far from trivial. We’re talking about which Grumpus you might be if you were such a creature in the world of Bugsnax.

It’s true. Some of the most important questions of the current day have been gathered in one place by Bugsnax PR group popagenda and posted over on Buzzfeed.com, complete with the blessings of Young Horses themselves. It seems like pretty normal set of questions. What’s your favorite snack? What would you take with you to a deserted island? What’s your perfect date? But truly, whether you like munching on something sweet or some hot goss (that’s gossip for you non-gossipy folks), your answer could mean the difference between Clumby Clumbernut, Chandlo Funkbun, Elizabert Megafig, and more.

If you’re like us, Bugsnax, the facts about it, and that sweet theme song have been ruling your thought process ever since we learned about the game during the PS5 games showcase. There has been no shortage of things to learn about it since, whether you take that information from our in-depth interview or other areas of the internet. We’ve enjoyed learning the lyrics of the Bugsnax theme, getting to see a full rundown of the cast, and even getting inside knowledge of some of the things that inspired Bugsnax, such as Pokemon Snap and Ape Escape.

Now, you might wonder if learning which Grumpus you’d be (if you didn’t know already) in the world of Bugsnax is that important. And we’d say to know, how can you not wonder these things? With the game coming on launch day of the PS5, the question just feels like it’s going to be all the more important as we trek onwards towards November 12, 2020.

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