Fans asked about Psychonauts 2 mental worlds, so Double Fine punished us with a teeth tunnel

Yes, there will be creepy mental worlds in Psychonauts 2, and at least one of them is looking like a dental nightmare as you trot along paths of gums and teeth.


Psychonauts has always been a series of rather… unique imagery as you use your mental powers to travel through the mental confines of various characters. These sometimes led to all types of crazy or some unknown trauma that required unraveling. Double Fine was good at blending the bizarre and macabre with lightheartedness and comedy here and there. We’re not so sure we’re ready to laugh and smile at the latest reveal from Psychonauts 2 though. It’s a new look at mental worlds and… uh… a teeth tunnel.

Double Fine recently shared some new images from Psychonauts 2 via the studio’s Twitter account, going into details on the mental worlds you’ll explore in the game. It began innocently enough as an interesting look at how the brain in the jar’s mental world from the Xbox Games Showcase trailer started out darker. But of course, one of the features of the first game was just how dark things could get, and so the question of creepier mental worlds was bound to come up. To that end, Double Fine went into the deep end and showed off a bizarre area featuring a path and rings lined with teeth.

Are we entering the mind of a creepy dentist? It’s hard to say. Double Fine has kept the lid on a lot of reveals about the story and gameplay of Psychonauts 2 as the game has been in development through the years. Rightfully so, because this seems like a game full of bizarre quirks and disturbing secrets just waiting to be discovered. Delays have pushed Psychonauts 2 further and further back through 2020, and we still don’t have a confirmed release, but with the Xbox Series X and S coming in November, it feels like we should be hearing something soonish.

In the meantime? Ask and you shall receive. Unfortunately, this time, we receive teeth tunnel. Stay tuned for more of Psychonauts 2 and hopefully just a little bit less teeth tunnel as we await details like release dates and more.

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