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Discover the best rules and settings for a game of Hide and Seek in Among Us.


While the main goal of Among Us is for the crewmates to finish tasks and for the Impostors to kill them, there are those who want to play Hide and Seek. Thanks to ample game settings, and hopefully a group of players that agree on the rules, setting up and playing Hide and Seek in Among Us is quite easy and a lot of fun.

How to play Hide and Seek

hide and seek settings among us

There are a couple of different rules when playing Hide and Seek in Among Us. Before you attempt to play a game, make sure you iron out the little details. Here’s how you’ll usually want to start a match:

  1. Impostor calls an Emergency Meeting to reveal themselves
  2. All the crewmates must then go and hide while the Impostor does a countdown
  3. After the countdown, the Impostor sabotages the lights and then finds and kills the crewmates

Now, this is where it gets a bit tricky. There are different rules some players like to go by. Some Hide and Seek games require the crewmates to just hide while others suggest the crewmates should be trying to complete tasks. Choose which one you want to do before the game starts.

There are, of course, some general rules players should adhere to when playing Hide and Seek in Among Us:

  • No reporting bodies
  • No fixing the lights
  • No Emergency Meetings
  • No Sabotages

Hide and Seek game settings

As for actually setting up a game of Hide and Seek, there are some agreed-upon game settings that work pretty well for this unique Among Us meta game. By removing Common Tasks and Long Tasks, you ensure crewmates don’t have easily-identifiable tasks or tasks that keep them in one place for long.

  • Impostors: 1
  • Emergency Meeting: 1
  • Player Speed: 1.0x
  • Crewmate Vision: 0.25x
  • Impostor Vision: 0.25x
  • Kill Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Kill Distance: Short
  • Common Tasks: 0
  • Long Tasks: 0
  • Short Tasks: 4

If you’d rather a purist approach to Hide and Seek, where the last person found wins, just tell crewmates to ignore their tasks but try and remain hidden. When the Impostor eventually kills the second-last crewmate (technically “winning” a normal game of Among Us), the last person alive is the winner.

All these settings and rules for Hide and Seek in Among Us can be changed to fit your preferred playstyle. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Among Us page for even more helpful tips.

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