How to call an Emergency Meeting - Among Us

Bring everyone back to the central table in Among Us by calling an Emergency Meeting.


Calling an Emergency Meeting in Among Us is a special privilege. By using this power, players can draw everyone back to the table for a sudden discussion, where another round of voting can take place. If you find yourself with valuable information, knowing how to call an Emergency Meeting in Among Us will critical.

Call an Emergency Meeting

To call an Emergency Meeting, you will need to find the table everyone stands around at the start of a match. This is also the table everyone goes to whenever a body is reported. In the middle of the table is a big red button behind a glass case. This is what you need to hit in order to call an Emergency Meeting.

  1. Find the central table where discussions happen
  2. Locate the red button and press it or press the “Use” icon
  3. Wait for the countdown to finish then hit the big red button
  4. An Emergency Meeting will be called

Thanks to Chatty user Scrippy for pointing out that on the maps Mira HQ and Polus, players do not spawn around the voting table. If you want to locate the Emergency Meeting button, you will need to find it in the cafeteria and office areas.

emergency meeting table among us
The button on the table is used to call an emergency meeting.

There are a few things to remember when you want to call an Emergency Meeting. Firstly, depending on your settings, players will only have one Emergency Meeting per match. This means if you call one, you won’t be able to call another for the rest of the match. There is also a cooldown on the Emergency Meeting button, so be careful if the impostor is nearby.

Another important aspect of calling one of these roundtable discussions is that it brings everyone back to the center. While some players will use this to troll other players (shame on them), this can be an effective way to save your crewmates if you suspect they will be killed (like when the lights go out). This is a great strategy when playing as a crewmate.

emergency meeting among us
You only get one Emergency Meeting per player. Use it wisely.

Alternatively, if you’re the impostor, calling an Emergency Meeting can help ensure players do not find a body. This can be useful if you’re leaving a murder room and going straight to the discussion table and you pass a crewmate going the other way. Use the button to pull them away from their task.

Finally, an Emergency Meeting is useful in a one-or-the-other situation. For example, if you and another crewmate are tossing up between two players, vote to kick one out and if you don’t win, quickly hit the button to get rid of the other one.

There are likely other strategies to consider when calling an Emergency Meeting. But for the time being, just get used to the idea calling one and using this newfound power wisely. When you get a chance, your next task is to look over the Shacknews Among Us page for other helpful advice.

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