Shacknews livestream schedule - Week of October 5, 2020

October is here and the Shacknews livestreams are about to start getting more spooky. Enjoy our handy guide so that you don't miss a minute of the fun.


It's Monday, which means it is time to take a look at all the great live content we have coming your way this week. Below you'll find a complete breakdown of all the shows and streams that we have planned for the week of October 5, 2020. Stores are now stocked with candy corn and fake spider webs. If the "normal" months of 2020 haven't scared you enough, maybe Halloween season can finish the job. Make sure you don't miss out on any of the action this week as we begin our descent into the fall gaming season.

Shacknews livestream schedule - Week of October 5, 2020

Shacknews Livestream Schedule
Stream Name When to Watch
Indie-licious with TJ: Genshin Impact Monday at 1:30 p.m. PT
Wide World of Electronic Sports Monday at 3:30 p.m. PT
The Stevetendo Show Monday at 6 p.m. PT
The Stevetendo Show Tuesday at 5 p.m. PT
The Stevetendo Show Wednesday at 5 p.m. PT
Skankcore 64 Wednesday at 9 p.m. PT
The Dump Friday at 1:30 p.m. PT

As always, the livestreams can be watched live on the official Shacknews Twitch channel. You can also watch via the embed above if you so desire. There is always the chance that some unannounced streams may occur during the week. To make sure you don't miss out, follow us on Twitter and Twitch. As always, a huge thanks goes out to all of our Twitch subscribers. If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to help support the shows that we’re creating. You can even subscribe for free with your Twitch Prime sub.

Those who want to go the extra mile can also subscribe to Shacknews’ Mercury service. You might have noticed that we don’t really do any kind of ads here at Shacknews and subscribing to Mercury allows you to support the website and the content that we’re making for a low price. You can also get some extra goodies if you choose to subscribe to one of our higher tiered plans.

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