Destiny 2's Europa map has been revealed

Come and inspect the map of Europa, Destiny 2's newest patrol zone coming with Beyond Light.


Bungie has given players a look at the Europa map, the new location coming to Destiny 2 with Beyond Light. This brand new patrol zone will take place on the icy moon that orbits Jupiter, and now players can begin speculating and planning out their time on the frozen tundra.

Europa map – Destiny 2

Shown off in the Beyond Light page on Bungie’s website, the Europa map features a few key locations and some description to go along with them. Below is an image I’ve stitched together from the site so we can bask in its glory without needing to scroll. Let’s take a look at the different areas.

destiny 2 europa map
  • At the north end of the Europa map, we have the Eventide Ruins described as being the “home to thousands of settlers, and now all that remains of Clovis Bray’s colony.”
  • In the east is the Asterion Abyss. Here lies massive Vex structures, and like icebergs, much more lies behind the surface.
  • To the west is the Cadmus Ridge, home to the Bray Exoscience facility, an area we’ve seen briefly in the latest Europa trailer.
  • The south of Europa holds the Charon’s Crossing where players will spy a massive communication array. This is also the source of a distress signal from none other than Variks, whom players haven’t seen since the end of Destiny 1.
  • Still further south is an area known simply as Beyond. On this flat and desolate field lies a Pyramid of the Darkness, and it’s here where players will meet an old friend, presumably, the Exo Stranger.

There are no doubt other key areas and places not listed on the map, including Lost Sectors. Bungie has indicated that there are plenty of secrets for players to uncover, and you will learn all about them if you keep it locked to the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide. It’s here we’ll be posting all of our Destiny 2 coverage of Beyond Light and, well, beyond.

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