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Deathloop gameplay trailer shows time-altering decisions during September PS5 Showcase

During the September PlayStation 5 Showcase, we got an in-depth look at how your decisions can shape timeloops and make your targets easier to kill in Deathloop.


Arkane Studios Deathloop continues to be one of it most stylistic and interesting-looking projects yet. An entire island worth of killers and their leaders demand your attention, and if you’re going to break a timeloop, you’re going to have to kill them all before it starts over. A new trailer on the PS5 Showcase gave us a look at the kind of decisions players will make as Colt to get all of our enemies in one place and kill them in efficient fashion.

The new Deathloop trailer showcasing its time-altering decisions was shown during the PlayStation 5 Showcase livestream on September 16, 2020. During the trailer, we get some detail of how events play out throughout the island as Colt tracks his targets: The leaders of various parts of the island of Blackreef. His efforts bring him to target Egor Serling, who is on the verge of a major scientific breakthrough. But letting him have that breakthrough will keep him separate from fellow leader Aleksis Dorsey, who is having a party. Colt can’t kill them all in time before the island will reset the loop, so some time-altering events are employed.

The new trailer shows off interesting tidbits of decisions you can make to ensure certain things in the timeloop play out to your benefit. With Serling’s breakthrough averted, he’ll drink his sorrows away at Dorseys, which puts two of your targets in the same room at the same time. Of course, the wild card in all of this is still opposite assassin Julianna, who is aware of the loop and will stop at no end to kill Colt and preserve it.

Deathloop has looked intriguing with each new bit of information revealed. It clearly pulls Arkane’s pedigree for a mix of RPG and action first-person combat and invites players to explore Blackreef thoroughly without being punished. It may have been delayed to 2021, but it’s looking like an increasingly stellar title for the PlayStation 5’s library. The wait seems like it will be worth it

As we await further details and a firm launch date, stay tuned for more details on Deathloop and the rest of the reveals from the September PlayStation 5 Showcase

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