iPadOS 14 release date announced at Apple September Event

Apple took some time to talk about iPadOS 14, which is set to arrive tomorrow.


After talking extensively about watches and services at Apple's September event, the time has arrived to talk about iPad. One of the latest announcement touches on what's next for the iPad, specifically some of the enhancements coming to iPadOS14, which is set to arrive later this week.

Apple previously unveiled iPadOS 14 earlier this year at WWDC 2020. While iPadOS 14 will work across a seies of modern iPads, it looks to have the most substantial effect on the new iPad 8th Generation. Users will be able to utilize features like Scribble, which allows iPad owners to handwrite in any text field across their device and automatically convert it to typed text. The new iPad's A12 Bionic chip will allow for quicker processing when working with the Apple Pencil on sketches and other works of art.

Other iPadOS 14 features unveiled earlier this year include the new sidebar, which gives users an easier way to navigate and organize their content. For example, Photos can easily be organized into folders and other apps using a layout that one would find on a Mac or PC, allowing users to take advantage of the extra screen space provided by their tablet. The new OS update also means taking tasks that normally take up that entire screen and shrinking them whenever necessary. Incoming calls and Siri requests will no longer eat up your full screen, but rather be shuffled off into a more manageable space without interrupting your current task. And Shacknews is primarily a video game website, so we would be remiss if we didn't mention that iPadOS 14 will include support for new game controllers and features, like the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, the Xbox Adaptive Controller, and the DualShock 4's touchpad.

Look for iPadOS 14 to deploy this Wednesday, September 16 and also come standard with the new iPad 8th Generation line, which includes the new iPad and iPad Air 4.

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