Dragon Ball FighterZ learns from Master Roshi DLC this week

Master Roshi is about to take his old students to school as Dragon Ball FighterZ gets its latest DLC fighter this week.


Fighting doesn't always need to be kept purely for the youngsters. It's not often that Master Roshi gets his own hands dirty in Dragon Ball Z, but the Dragon Ball FighterZ player base is about to get their first crack at the grizzled old master. He's set to arrive this week, so Bandai Namco and Arc System Works have put together a new trailer to show off what he can do.

Master Roshi might need some help getting around. He doesn't have a Super Dash, but he can use his chi to propel him across the battlefield. However, he can easily hold his own, as indicated by today's trailer. He can go toe-to-toe with the various fighters and can also bop his opponents with his staff. In fact, his staff can be used to launch and spike opponents. And being the master that he is, Roshi can polish off his foes with his own Kamehameha.

This is a big week for Dragon Ball FighterZ. On top of Master Roshi's arrival, the game will receive a new balance patch, which looks to offer buffs almost across the board to the full roster. Be sure to visit the Bandai Namco Europe website for the full 1.25 patch notes.

Master Roshi was first revealed back in August, which also saw Bandai Namco reveal the Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championship. This is an abbreviated esports circuit that will unfold from October through December with five online championships spotlighting the top 40 players in the world. The competition will take place entirely online with the top four players from each region (U.S. East Coast, U.S. West Coast, France, Spain, and Japan) all advancing to a one-month playoff.

Master Roshi will be available this Friday, September 18. If you own the FighterZ Pass 3, you'll be able to jump in early and pick him up this Wednesday.

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