Dragon Ball FighterZ skews older with Master Roshi DLC

Dragon Ball FighterZ is about to add its third Season 3 DLC character and it's not who you might have expected. It's the lecherous, yet mighty, old fighter Master Roshi.


To this point, Dragon Ball FighterZ's lineup of DLC fighters have hit some of the anime's most popular characters. And just about all of those characters have been the ones who are on the front lines in a major battle. That's why you see about half a dozen Gokus and Vegetas. But for the game's latest DLC fighter, Bandai Namco and Arc System Works are going in a bit of a different direction. The next fighter to hit Dragon Ball FighterZ is the grizzled old man, Master Roshi.

By the time most Dragon Ball fans meet Master Roshi in the anime, he's living comfortably in retirement. He's over 300 years old when fans first meet him, after all. He acts as a mentor character, one who rarely gets into any physical conflicts. In fact, the most physical he gets is when he's trying to get a peek at various female characters' underwear.

So what does Roshi bring to the table for Dragon Ball FighterZ? Well, despite his comical antics, remember that Roshi is a heavily experienced fighter. He has his own combos and chi-based attacks that he can pull out. And while we don't see too much of his offense, we do see him stick his opponent in a jar, so that's something interesting, at least. This obviously won't be the last we see of Master Roshi's abilities, so stay tuned for more in the weeks ahead.

Master Roshi's reveal comes in the wake of Bandai Namco announcing that an abbreviated Dragon Ball FighterZ esports circuit will indeed take place this year. The Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championship will see five online championships spotlight the world's top 40 players. Eight players from each of the U.S. East Coast, U.S. West Coast, France, Spain, and Japan regions will compete in a round robin competition. The top four from each region will move on to a one-month playoff, after which one player will emerge as the Dragon Ball FighterZ National Champion. The entirety of the competition will take place online with the action set to begin this October. You can rewatch the full presentation on the Dragon Ball FighterZ Twitch channel.

Master Roshi will come to Dragon Ball FighterZ as the game's third Season 3 DLC character this September.

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