Kefla and Goku [Ultra Instinct] lead Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 DLC

Next time, on Dragon Ball FighterZ: Bandai Namco and Arc System Works reveal two new fighters from the Dragon Ball Super era to wrap up the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals.


Following Sunday's Grand Finals for the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals, it was time for the game to undergo a massive change. And there's no one better to institute such a change than the dragon Shenron. Following the Top 8 medal ceremony, DBFZ World Champion Goichi "GO1" Kushida was asked to summon Shenron, which led to the big announcement for the weekend. Season 3 of Dragon Ball FighterZ in on the horizon and the game is about to look a little different. More than that, it's about to get a few more characters.

Season 3 of Dragon Ball FighterZ will include a third Fighters Pass, which will add another five characters to the game. A new trailer introduced two of those characters, including a big surprise for fans of the recent Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Kefla is joining the fight as the first female fusion fighter in both the game and the Dragon Ball series as a whole. She is the fusion of Caulifla and Kale, capable of wielding incredible power and nearly managing to defeat Super Saiyan Goku.

This, of course, will mean that Goku will need to step his game up, as well. So look for a new form of Goku to join the roster. Goku [Ultra Instinct] first appeared during Dragon Ball Super's Universe Survival Saga, a form that the heroic Saiyan needed to tap into to survive his battle against Jiren.

Each character will have their own distinct move set and look to take advantage of some of the newer DBFZ mechanics. Yes, Dragon Ball FighterZ will be getting a coat of polish for Season 3. This will include new mechanics, such as Z Assist Select to help reduce character selection solely based on their assist and an all-new comeback mechanic designed to assist players on the wrong end of a one-sided battle. More details on these new mechanics are coming soon.

Kefla will kick off the Season 3 DLC roster for Dragon Ball FighterZ on February 28. Goku [Ultra Instinct] will release sometime in the spring.

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