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Wasteland 3 known issues and temporary fixes

The team at inXile have compiled a list of known issues currently pervading Wasteland 3 and offer a few workarounds and solutions.


Wasteland 3 is a massive RPG with a nest of branching paths and outcomes. For a game that’s as big and impressive as this, it’s no surprise that there are a couple of problems that can crop up for some players. Luckily for us, the dedicated team at inXile Entertainment have a list of high priority known issues which include some solutions and development statuses.

Wasteland 3 known issues list & fixes

Just because Wasteland 3 has been released, doesn’t mean development stops. As with all games, there are often bugs and problems that become more obvious once it reaches the hands of a million players. For those that have been running into problems, inXile Entertainment hears your cries for help. The developers have made a post on the Steam Community page detailing the high priority known issues currently taking the focus of the team.

wasteland 3 issues and fixes
There a several high priority issues in Wasteland 3 that the developers are working to fix. In the meantime, consider one of these temporary fixes.

Below are some of the issues inXile is currently working on. In some cases, there is a temporary fix, which should help stuck players at least get past the hurdle while awaiting the full fix.

  • Healing from a doctor isn’t carried through scenes
    • Fix: Switch character and visit the doctor
  • Thai, Turkish, Arabic, Polish and some other languages become stuck in the opening Ambush Site scene
    • Fix: Change Windows language and region to another language
  • PC not saving
    • Fix: Some antivirus programs block the game
  • Quest and character progress resetting in co-op
    • Fix: Disable auto-saves
  • Loading a game/area in co-op freezes the game
    • Fix: Disable auto-saves on host and client. Alternatively, load into save in single player, save, then load in as co-op
  • Intro cutscene not played again
    • Fix: Restart the game session before starting co-op mode

There are a host of other issues players are currently experiencing when playing Wasteland 3, but these are some with immediate fixes. Just because your problem isn’t listed above, or in the Steam Community post, does not mean the team isn’t working on it. These are just the most critical problems that inXile is tackling right now. Check out the Shacknews Wasteland 3 page for more guides and answers!

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