How to get curses - Sea of Thieves

A list of all the curses in Sea of Thieves and how to unlock them.


Curses are another way for pirates to express themselves in Sea of Thieves. These unique effects are applied to your pirate’s body and change how they look. For a lot of players, unlocking and getting curses is going to be a top priority. Fair warning though, most curses require a lot of work to unlock.

How to get curses

There are a handful of curses in Sea of Thieves, and each one is attached to a Tall Tale. What this means is that if players want to get a curse, they will need to complete the appropriate requirement in a given Tall Tale.

unlock curses sea of thieves
After completing the required commendations, the appropriate curse will unlock.

Here are the names of the curses currently available in Sea of Thieves:

  1. Curse of the Order
  2. Shores of Gold Curse
  3. The Ashen Curse

Starting at the beginning, any players that want to get the Curse of the Order will need to unlock the Fateful Memories commendation. This commendation is for the Cursed Rogue portion of the Shores of Gold Tall Tale. It requires players get all commendations for the Curse Rogue, which includes completing the Tale five times.

curses sea of thieves

The Shores of Gold Curse is by far the most demanding. This curse tasks players with unlocking the Seeker of Grand Adventure commendation. This commendation is rewarded for unlocking all Shores of Gold commendations – which means players will need to complete each Tale five times.

The Ashen Curse is likely the easiest curse to unlock in Sea of Thieves. To unlock this curse, players need only get the commendation, The Blackwyche Reborn, which is to complete all commendations for the Heart of Fire Tall Tale. Players need only complete the Heart of Fire three times (one for each path in the dungeon).

How to equip a curse

When you unlock a curse, you will likely want to equip it. This is as easy as heading to any vanity chest (there’s one on your ship and at each outpost). Interact with the vanity chest and navigate to the curses tab. Here you will find any curses you have unlocked. Select the curse you want to have it applied to your pirate. You can take it off at any time.

There are a few curses to unlock in Sea of Thieves with more likely coming in the future. These little vanity items change how your pirate looks and act as a badge of honor, showing what you have achieved on the seas. Be sure to spend some time anchored at the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide, it’s here you’ll find even more tips to become the best pirate you can be.

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