K/DA 'The Baddest' complete English and Korean lyrics

Learn the lyrics of K/DA's 'The Baddest', the League of Legends group's latest hit single.


League of Legends’ own K/DA group has released its latest single titled, The Baddest. This hit new song features lyrics in both English and Korean. For those that want to learn what’s being said – or would like to learn the song – below are the full lyrics for K/DA’s The Baddest, including the English and Korean portions.

K/DA “The Baddest” lyrics

Ever since the group was first revealed, K/DA has taken the League of Legends community by storm. From the slick animations and alternative costumes of the champions to the style of the music, there’s something immediately appealing about the group. With the next sure-fire hit, The Baddest, now available, fans will be looking for some lyrics.

While the majority of the song is in English, there are some lines in Korean. Thankfully, the YouTube video does provide closed captions in a variety of languages. Below you will see the lyrics as heard in the song, and where relevant, the full translation including English and Korean parts to ensure the full context of the line is understood. 

Baddest do what the baddest do
The baddest do we the baddest ooh
Baddest do what the baddest do
The baddest do we the baddest

Coming at you live
Real real wild
Here to light it up
Set the world on fire
Gonna break rules
And hearts in twos
Cause that's what the baddest do

Never going back
Nah not that
Diamonds on drip
Cause I came to make a splash
Gonna break rules
And hearts in twos
Cause that's what the baddest do

I spit heat, I melt your face off
Disappear, I'm your eraser
In the cut just like a razor
Murder business, where my blazer?
I got all the boys on me
I got all the lines on ring
Knock 'em dead, turnin heads
I got all the eyes on me
Pretty face 걸어들어와 (I walk in with a pretty face)
유행 선두자 (Make 'em want a taste)
원하지만 못하잖아 (Boy slow down, you gone have to wait)
애가 타잖아 (Dangling the bait)
You like “whoa” KALI you the goat
난 알지 I know (I'm like "Yeah, I know")
준비해 cause I like to ball (Gotta bounce cause I like to ball)
멈추지 않아 (Man I'm on a roll)
나는 lit 크게 like a bit (Kip it lit, mega like a bit)
그거 말고 byte (I mean like a byte)
믿어봐 큰 만큼 크게 (Get it right, know I do it big)
어깨 펴고 high (I ain't talking height)
백 퍼센트 덤비지 못해 죽여주잖아 (I'm legit, know I leave 'em dead)
나는 boss 간지 with the sauce (I'm a boss, extra with the sauce)
원하면 줄게 (Give 'em what they like)

I’m doing damage
Went just how I planned it
I do what I want when I say
모두 날 따라 해 (I'm making the news)
난 끝내주잖아 (But this ain't nothing new)
(Like) to live on the edge of insane

(It's crazy)
Sorry for the bad news sorry I’m so bad
Only took a minute for me to get what you had
Sorry for the bad news know it makes you sad
I’ll be here for a minute baby you should pack your bags

Way that I look should be breaking the law
If I don’t got it I take what I want
My circle small like a round of applause
You know that I love the sound of applause
You know I mean everything that I say
When you see me coming get out of the way
I came to slay I came to slay
Back and I’m better and ready to stay

(It's crazy)
Sorry not sorry for being the best
언제든지 내가 좀 해 (I came to stunt came to impress)
Look at the gold all on my chest
Look at the gold call it a flex

K/DA’s The Baddest features the talents of Soyeon and Miyeon of (G)I-DLE, Bea Miller, and Wolftyla. With The Baddest EP releasing in 2020, now’s the perfect time to get these lyrics on lock. Be sure to check out the Shacknews K/DA page for more coverage of League of Legends’ hit pop group.

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