Mortal Shell to get physical release on PC, PS4, & Xbox One in October 2020

Demand has been so high for Mortal Shell that the game is getting a physical launch on all platforms that will come just a couple months after its initial digital launch.


It won’t be long before Mortal Shell launches on digital platforms. The gothic, Dark Souls-like adventure will set players on a path of brutal enemies and bosses as they adventure through various lands, awakening the spirits of long-dead warriors and wielding the talents of the fallen against opposing forces. This game has gotten a lot of attention for its technically sound and enjoyable take on a difficult action RPG experience - so much so that Playstack and developer Cold Symmetry have acquiesced to demand for a physical version of Mortal Shell that will launch after the digital release.

Playstack and Cold Symmetry announced the physical edition of Mortal Shell via the game’s Twitter and website on August 13, 2020. Coming on October 2, 2020, physical copies of the game will become available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, allowing players to own a disc version of the much-anticipated game. Current focus will remain on preparing for the digital version for now, which is set to launch on the Epic Games Store for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 18, 2020, as well as on Steam in 2021.

Mortal Shell certainly has the attention to warrant a physical edition. The game’s recent open beta showed players a feast of good and strategic swordplay against the game’s various deadly opposition. With the usual gauntlet of monstrous foes, one of which will “level up” alongside the player through the journey, Mortal Shell has left many waiting in anticipation for its August 18 initial release date. That excitement is, of course, a huge part of what spurred originally unplanned physical copies of the game.

We also enjoyed our playtime with Mortal Shell in an early build. If you want to see a deep dive of what we thought of it ahead of the digital launch next week and physical launch in October, be sure to check out our Mortal Shell hands-on preview.

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