One of Mortal Shell's bosses will continuously hunt the player & 'level up'

Mortal Shell's Hadern is a recurring foe that will not only come after the player, but grow stronger alongside them as revealed on the PC Gaming Show 2020.


Mortal Shell is looking like more than a Soulsborne clone. This hack n’ slash adventure is looking more and more unique for a number of reasons. One of them were revealed on the PC Gaming Show 2020. A special foe called the Hadern will not only hunt the player, but become stronger through a similar progression system to the player throughout the journey.

Mortal Shell’s Hadern boss got a special gameplay reveal from Cold Symmetry and Playstack in the PC Gaming Show 2020 on June 13, 2020. This boss is more than a one-and-done threat. As players go through the game, they will take on the bodies of different lost warriors to gain their strengths and master their combat styles. The Hadern can do something similar. It will stalk the player throughout their journey, gaining strength in similar fashion and becoming more threatening alongside them as the game goes on. You can see the Hadern in action in Mortal Shell’s latest gameplay reveal below.

The Hadern represents a threat like little found in other Soulsborne games. Say what you want about Dark Souls 2, but its Pursuer was a tremendously imposing jerk and probably the closest thing to a an entity like this in other games of this kind. Even then, the Pursuer did not “evolve” to stay in line with or even overcome your power. It was what it was and you got what you got. In this way, Hadern sounds like an interestingly adaptive foe and quite an example of the challenges Mortal Shell has in store for us.

Mortal Shell is slated to launch sometime in 2020 with an open beta coming up on July 3, 2020 if you join the Mortal Shell Discord. Stay tuned to Shacknews for more on what to expect from this impressive looking action RPG.

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