Sam Fisher returns!... in Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shadow Legacy

Sam Fisher returns! Again! In another non-Splinter Cell game! This time, he's a Rainbow Six Siege Operator!


Who's hungry for Sam Fisher to make his long-awaited comeback? If you're waiting for a new Splinter Cell game... I'm so, so sorry. There is still no new Splinter Cell game. Ubisoft is once again bringing back Sam Fisher in a cameo capacity only, albeit a slightly more permanent one. It now looks like Sam Fisher is about to join the playable cast of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege as part of the upcoming Operation Shadow Legacy update.

As of now, there aren't a lot of details on Operation Shadow Legacy other than that Sam Fisher will apparently be Rainbow Six Siege's next playable Operator. The Rainbow Six Siege website goes into detail on Fisher's backstory and what specifically ties him to the current generation of Operators working within the game. Look for more details on what Sam Fisher brings to the Rainbow Six table this coming Sunday, August 16 at 11AM PT.

So this is the part of the story where I go on a bit of an editorial tangent. Look, we like Rainbow Six Siege here at Shacknews. It's a fantastic game and has only gotten better over the past several years. We're excited to see what's coming in the years ahead and, honestly, in a vacuum, Sam Fisher as a playable character is a really cool idea.

This is also not the first time that Ubisoft has teased Splinter Cell fans with yet another non-Splinter Cell Sam Fisher appearance. He showed up earlier this year in a Ghost Recon: Breakpoint update, he showed up two years ago in a Ghost Recon Wildlands update, and he's even popped up in a mobile game. As exciting as some of this stuff is, none of it is a new Splinter Cell game. That has to be weighing heavily on the franchise's fans at this point, because it feels just as likely that they'll see Sam Fisher show up in Ubisoft's Uno before they see him in a new Splinter Cell game.

Splinter Cell gripes aside, we have yet to be disappointed by a Rainbow Six Siege update yet, so we're excited to see what else is coming with Operation Shadow Legacy. We'll endeavor to have more information by the time the big Sunday reveal arrives.

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