How to start the European Aerial Zone - Destiny 2

Learn where to find and how to launch the European Aerial Zone, or EAZ, in Destiny 2.


The European Aerial Zone is a yearly activity in Destiny 2. Because it comes around so rarely, and with new players constantly joining, it can be easy to forget how to start the European Aerial Zone. A look at the Solstice quest doesn’t really help either.

How to start the European Aerial Zone

To start the European Aerial Zone activity, you will need to launch it via the Tower map. That is to say, the EAZ is not actually found in the Winding Cove as the Solstice Begins quest would have you believe.

start european aerial zone destiny 2
The European Aerial Zone (EAZ) is started from the Tower map.

To find the EAZ activity button, open up the Director and navigate to the Destinations tab. From here, select the Tower. At the top of the Tower map is a blue banner that reads: European Aerial Zone. This is how you start the activity. Alternatively, it can be started by interacting with the holograph to the right of the Solstice statue.

It’s also worth mentioning that this activity launcher will also show you the empowered element type of the day. This is incredibly important to note, as a lot of the Solstice of Heroes 2020 armor steps require you to use a subclass that matches the daily elemental burn.

The European Aerial Zone has a recommended Power of 750, which makes it possible for anyone to play, even the greenest of players. It’s a good idea to take a full fireteam of friends with you, as some of the quest steps might involve defeating bosses, and it’s easier with a known team. However, the EAZ event does include matchmaking, which is great for those solo Guardians out there that need a squad.

Starting the European Aerial Zone activity can give some players a moment’s pause. The quest step does mention the Winding Cove, but in actuality, the event is accessed from the Tower. Now that you’ve found the EAZ and are on your way, make sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more coverage of the seasonal content.

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