How to set up a Wilderness Camp - Red Dead Online

Everything you need to know to purchase and set up a Wilderness Camp in Red Dead Online.


The Naturalist update for Red Dead Online introduced a number of things, including the Wilderness Camp. Unlike Cripps Camp, which cost money to erect and can only be put up in certain places, the Wilderness Camp can be placed down anywhere. But how exactly does one go about setting up the Wilderness Camp? Here’s what you need to know.

How to set up a Wilderness Camp

Players can set up the Wilderness Camp from their Weapon Wheel at any time. However, there are some stipulations. First, you’re going to need to unlock the camp itself by moving through the Naturalist Frontier Pursuit ranks. You’ll need to hit at least Rank 5 or so to unlock the Wilderness Camp, and even then, you’ll need to spend 2 Tokens to purchase the ability to unlock it.

How to set up a Wilderness Camp - Red Dead Online
The Wilderness Camp can be found under the Items portion of your Weapon Wheel.

Once you have unlocked the ability to purchase the Wilderness Camp, you’re going to need to visit Harriet Davenport and purchase it for $750. This might seem like a lot, but considering the fact that this will give you the ability to place the Wilderness Camp at any time, it is more than worth the price that you will pay to get set up.

As stated before, you can set the Wilderness Camp up from your Weapon Wheel at any point throughout your travels. Simply pull up the Weapon Wheel and then scroll to the Items area. From here, locate the bottom section where the Camp icon is and scroll through the options to the Wilderness Camp icon. The thing to note here is that the Wilderness Camp doesn’t always set up exactly where you are. Much like the single player variation, the camp will snap to the nearest “free zone” that it can be placed in. Another useful thing to keep in mind is that straying too far from the campsite will cause it to despawn and you’ll have to set it up again.

Now that you know how to set up a Wilderness Camp, you can get out there and hunt down animals without having to worry about where Cripps set up shop. You can also head back over to our Red Dead Online guides for more helpful information and content.

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