Shackstream: A quest for a legendary adventure in Red Dead Online

Join Josh as he dives into Red Dead Online to check out the new The Naturalist update and more.


It’s time to return to the frontier. After almost 8 months, the latest update for Red Dead Online is finally here, bringing a new trade, new events, and new Legendary Animals to the mix. Join Josh today at 2 p.m. EDT as he dives headfirst into the latest update and the Naturalist role.

The stream will kick off at the usual time of 2 p.m. EDT on the official Shacknews channel. During today’s stream, we’ll check out the new Naturalist role and try to hunt down some Legendary Animals along the way. As always, you can watch via the embed below, or head over to the channel to join the conversation and chat with the team.

The Naturalist update brings quite a bit to the table in Red Dead Online, and while it might not be the update many were hoping for, the introduction of Legendary Animals has been a nice change of pace for the game. Animal Spawns are also improved quite a bit, and you can learn more about the update itself in our original post about it.

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I hope you’ll join me as we head back into the wilds of Red Dead Online during today’s quest for adventure. See you soon.

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