Red Dead Online update 1.20 patch notes add The Naturalist Frontier Pursuit today

The latest content update for Red Dead Online brings The Naturalist Frontier Pursuit, new Outlaw Pass, and more to the game today.


It’s been several months since Red Dead Online saw any big changes, but now Rockstar is opening the flood gates. Today, Red Dead Online players can login and check out a brand-new Frontier Pursuit, as well as a new Outlaw Pass, new clothing options and more.

Those who have been starving for more content in Red Dead Online will want to hop in today and pick up the newly added The Naturalist Frontier Pursuit, a brand new role that offers up two distinct paths, as well as new Legendary Animals to hunt and document. These Legendary Animals are the bread and butter of the update, bringing a total of seven new Legendary Animals to the online game mode.

On top of the new Legendary Animals, players can also kick off the new The Naturalist Frontier Pursuit, allowing them to work with one of two different characters to further the role’s various ranks. You can team up with Harriet Davenport, a renowned conservationist, to document the various animals that you can find throughout the world. Those who aren’t into conserving can team up with Gus MacMillan to hunt down and kill the new Legendary Animals in return for new special clothing items.

The Naturalist update will add a new role, new clothing, and more to the game.
The Naturalist update will add a new role, new clothing, and more to the game.

This is one of the first times we’ve had a real distinct choice to make in a Frontier Pursuit, and to be honest, it’s very enticing to see some kind of actual player interaction required here. It really forces players to think about which method they want to follow for the new role, as Rockstar has warned that Harriet Davenport will pick up on things if you try to play both sides of the new job.

On top of the new pursuit, players will also get access to a new Outlaw Pass, which will include a ton of bonuses like Gold Bars, new clothing, discounts on items, and other assorted items. New Free Roam events are also joining the batch, which will line up with the new The Naturalist content. This content update will also bring some big changes to the game’s basic systems, including an improved threat indicator and asynchronous matchmaking. Rockstar has also stated that more updates and content will be coming in the weeks and months ahead, so we should expect to see more info dropping on that as time goes by.

Looking for the official patch notes? Here's a brief glimpse of what you can expect from the update pulled from the patch notes that Rockstar released today:

Altogether, the new update for Red Dead Online sounds like it is bringing a lot to the table. You can download the update and check it out yourself right now, and make sure you keep your eyes on our Red Dead Online hub for the latest info and content to help you make the most of this new patch.

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