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FMV detective game Jessika gets August 2020 release date

Assemble Entertainment and Tritrie Games will be inviting players to explore the FMV mystery of Jessica in late August.


It’s interesting to see the full-motion video (FMV) that popularized during the days of Sega CD and other consoles of that era revived in modern video games as some game developers are building stories and mechanics around the classic style. Upcoming detective title Jessika from Assemble Entertainment and Tritrie Games is one such game, and it just received a few new screenshots and a late August release date.

Assemble Entertainment and Tritrie launched the latest details for Jessika in a press release on June 30, 2020. The game just got an August 25, 2020 launch date and will launch via Steam for Windows, Steam OS, Mac, and Linux players. There’s also a demo of the game available now as of Steam’s 2020 Summer Sale. Finally, there’s a wealth of new screenshots detailing different detective work and puzzle-solving in the game as you’ll work through the case of the titular Jessika’s death, striving to determine if it was a suicide or if something more nefarious was at play. You can check out the new screens from the game just below.

Jessika utilizes full-motion video in telling its narrative as it invites players to sleuth through clues, unravel Jessika’s digital footprint, and discover the truth behind hidden drama that may have led to her death. Tritrie Games and Assemble Entertainment’s efforts follow in the wake of other successful titles such as Her Story which utilize FMV to tell a broken narrative. By piecing clues from the videos together with evidence discovered across audio files, notes, news articles, and engagement with the clients who hired you, players will also piece together the truth behind Jessika’s case.

With an August 25 date set for the game, stay tuned for further news and details on Jessika, or go try the game's demo anytime to get a peak at what’s in store when the game launched as part of the 2020 gaming calendar.

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