Torchlight 3 goes to Echonok for final act today

Torchlight 3 is inching towards the finish line by heading to Echonok for its final act in today's update.


Torchlight 3 still has a ways to go before it hits its full 1.0 release, but the team at Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games are hitting a major milestone today. Tuesday marks the release of the game's final act, Echonok, which challenges players to ward odd the Netherim invasion, once and for all.

Echonok sends players into the ancient halls of the Dwarves, where they must hunt down Veriss and the Void Heart. The Void Heart is a dangerous artifact that has the power to merge the Netherim world with the human world, so reclaiming it is top priority. That doesn't mean it'll be easy. Getting to Veriss means climbing the dangerous Mt. Echonok, home to the Voltura. The Voltura are dangerous bird-machine hybrids and they'll defend their nest to the death. If you can get through the Voltura and survive the harrowing Mt. Echonok, a final showdown with Veriss awaits for all the marbles.

Torchlight 3 launched on Steam Early Access earlier this month. It's first few weeks... haven't been great. It launched with several online hiccups, several server issues, as well as some concerns from the game's community about the looting system. To Echtra's relief, the flood of negative Steam reviews have subsided since that initial weekend, which should hopefully be an indicator that the game's overall quality is trending upwards.

While Echonok marks Torchlight 3's third and final act, that doesn't mark the game's final update before its official launch. Look for the dev team to continue tweaking the game before its big 1.0 update later down the road. In the meantime, the Echonok update is available today. Torchlight 3 is still aiming for a Summer 2020 release on PC. If you're interested in trying it out right now, check it out on Steam Early Access.

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