Pokemon GO Mega Evolutions are coming in 2020

Niantic is working on developing a system for Mega Evolutions in Pokemon GO, and it's currently slated for launch sometime in 2020.


Pokemon GO already has much of the vast library of pocket monsters available within the game, allowing you to fill your library with pokemon in their myriad forms. But one thing that has eluded the game up to this point is Mega Evolution, allowing players to turn certain pokemon into temporarily ultra-powered variants. That’s changing soon. Niantic has confirmed that Mega Evolutions are currently in development and coming to Pokemon GO in 2020.

Niantic confirmed the development and upcoming inclusion of a Pokemon GO Mega Evolution system during the June 17 Pokemon Presents video presentation. During the presentation, Pokemon Company president and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara took a moment to share the latest on Pokemon GO, which included revealing the Mega Evolution mechanic in the works for the game.

“We’re working to deliver a new take on Mega Evolution that is enhanced by Pokemon GO’s unique gameplay,” Ishihara explained. “I hope you look forward to meeting Mega-Evolved pokemon.”

You can check out the teaser trailer for Mega Evolutions in Pokemon GO just below.

Pokemon GO currently boasts having had about 580 of the overall available pokemon in its catchable roster at some point or another. Of the overall roster, there are around 46 pokemon that feature Mega Evolution variants, which were introduced in Pokemon X and Y. Each of these Mega Evolutions in the main game featured a special Mega Evolution item that could be triggered by one pokemon per match and allowed them to gain stronger forms, boosted stats, and a special ability, such as Mega Charizard X getting the Tough Claws ability to boost physical attacks. It will be interesting to see how Pokemon GO handles all of this in its variant of the mechanic.

Pokemon GO Mega Evolutions weren’t the only thing shown during the June 17 Pokemon Presents. Check out the new Pokemon Snap coming to Nintendo Switch and another Pokemon Presents coming June 24.

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